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Who are we?

Big Bags (FIBCs) require tailored production upon order and speedy delivery, and thus necessitate an environment of maximum dynamism. The process from the moment the order is received to the delivery of the goods is one of a race; this race has become the lifestyle of ourselves as well as my colleagues till year 1986.

We are at your service, to share the dynamism we have captured in the area. Having a production capacity 60 000 big bags of various types, we are able to present to you 4 loops, cross corner looped, Type B anti-static, coated, dustproof, sewn, triple dustproof Q bags, full open bottom, up to 3 color printed, shaped linered, sewn linered, 8 point corner glued linered FICB’s types under clean condition production unit facilities.

All our Big Bag models are certified according to EFIBCA regulations. The P.P. Fabric Loops, and other materials used in production are supplied to us from a single source where we have worked as technical and commercial manager in recent years, thereby building a production line of high standard FIBC’s components.

Our company is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, 30 km. from the main export sea port of Haydarpaşa, and close to the main storage areas of several well-known land transport companies. This location provides us with the advantage of very speedy delivery.

We have developed a Big Bag model design suitable for hundreds of different products. We are ready to share our experiences with you

We are just a fax message or an e-mail away.

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%100 Türk Malı, Türk İşçiliği ve kalitesiyle ürünler üretip, yurtiçi ve yurtdışı müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaktır.


Vizyon Nedir?

Quality Policy

Hizmet verdiğimiz ambalaj sektöründe güvenilir, saygın kimliğimizi korumak, müşterilerimizin talepleri doğrultusunda güvenli taşıma ve güvenlik faktörleri dahilinde optimum çözümler sunmaktır.